The State Theatre prides itself in providing a safe environment for all so that every person can concentrate on enjoying their experience.
Please make you and your fellow attendees check the rules below before your arrival.

Here are the guidelines for The Playhouse Square Center:

Ticket information:
You must book tickets online for all performances and will not be able to enter without a valid ticket, regardless of age.
– No refunds or exchanges are allowed.

Event times:
Shows will be scheduled to start at a certain time, however in a live setting there is a chance this could be delayed, the venue staff will try their best to inform guests if changes occur.
– Performances will go ahead, regardless of weather conditions, if you do not attend, refunds and cancellations are not available.

Security policies:
Please note Cameras, Phones, audio or visual equipment are no allowed within the venue. (Do not bring these with you, you may be asked to leave.)
No outside food/drinks are allowed inside, the same rule as above follows.
Depending on the type of event, backpacks may not be allowed, all attendees are subject to search upon arrival.