Bulkley Building, 1501 Euclid Avenue #200,
Cleveland, OH 44115, USA

The State Theatre is conveniently located in Playhouse Square in downtown Ohio.

If you are traveling by car to the venue, then be sure to check which route is best for you to take, as this is a busy area, there may be a high traffic volume so please also leave plenty of arrival time.

There is an onsite garage available for use, however be aware that there will be a fee of $20 per vehicle, the price is less than surrounding facilities and has been assured to stay that way for all attendees and for all events taking place. If you book prior to the day, you will just have to pay $14.

Parking has been made simple and easy and you can follow the walkway into the venue itself, so no stress of trying to find your way after you have secured a space.