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KeyBank State Theatre | Cleveland, Ohio


Get ready for the musical that the New York Times labeled, “the most exciting and significant musical of the decade!” Hamilton will now be coming to Ohio in Cleveland this coming June, 2025!

This June, Hamilton will be performing live at KeyBank State Theatre and on Sunday 29th June 2025, showcasing one more time the story of U.S. Founding Father Alexander Hamilton and his eventful political career in North America. The drama of Hamilton, performed by a diverse group of actors replete with vibrant music from the genres of hip-hop and R&B among others, is a modern-day and revolutionary drama packed with passion, comedic moments, and even hardship. The only way to experience Hamilton is LIVE in a theater setting at KeyBank State Theatre with all the thrills that this piece of history will definitely bring up.

See another one of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s award-winning musicals! Tickets are available now for a limited time. Snag your seats this instant and experience what heaps of viewers have been saying is a masterpiece since its very first performance on Broadway!

Almost a decade ago, on 17 Feb, 2015, history was created as Hamilton first showed Off-Broadway at the Public Theater in New York City. It was this iconic launch that was so well-received, which led to a Broadway hit in August. Since then, Hamilton has been showing not just in America, but in several locations around the world.

Hamilton builds on its success as it goes on a limited season in Cleveland in June at KeyBank State Theatre, historically well-known for showcasing the world’s most spectacular productions and musicals.

Hamilton, the story of Alexander Hamilton himself, one of the U.S. Founding Fathers, has continued to empower many fans all over the globe. The success of this musical from its inception started to grow bigger and bigger especially following the 2016 Tony Awards, where Hamilton went on to win 11 out of 16 nominations and consolidated its place in Broadway and beyond. It has also proved to be accessible to a wider audience due to the fact that this musical specifically chooses to features genres highly relevant in pop culture, such as hip-hop, jazz, and R&B while featuring a very diverse cast for each tour. Its catchy shwotunes and musical recording have become even more widespread due to its adaption outside the musical itself on TV platforms.

Hamiltons reach only continued to develop from here as Hamilton has gone on to run in various states across the United States, and show in several locations across the world including Canada, the equally-renowned West End in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines and Abu Dhabi. Its worldwide fame continues it also released a movie version in 2020 that became available to view on Disney.

Every city that Hamilton visits, though the actors and live crew may change, it maintains diversity that ensures various racial and ethnic origins for each actors, one of the accolades that Hamilton is famous for. The productions dynamic message continues to resonate with fans, and Cleveland is no different as audiences can expect an spectacular performance from an exceptional cast.

Hamilton at KeyBank State Theatre

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