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KeyBank State Theatre | Cleveland, Ohio


Get ready for what the New York Times labeled, “the most exciting and significant musical of the decade!” Hamilton will now be coming to Ohio in Cleveland this coming June, 2025!

This June, Hamilton will be performing live at KeyBank State Theatre and on Tuesday 24th June 2025, showcasing for your viewing pleasure the story of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton and his extraordinary life in North America. The show of Hamilton, performed by a diverse group of actors and complimented with vibrant music from the genres of hip-hop and R&B among others, is a modern-day and revolutionary drama filled with love, comedic moments, and even tragedies. The top way to experience this show is live in a theater setting at KeyBank State Theatre with all the thrills that this piece of history will bring to life.

Experience another one of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s victorious musicals! Tickets are available now for a limited time. Purchase your places immediately and experience what thousands of fans have been calling a masterpiece since its inception on Broadway!

Musical creator Lin-Manuel Miranda re-tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, former American Secretary of Treasury, through Hip-Hop and R&B music that has captivated millions of fans for near-on ten years. "I understand how ridiculous the elevator pitch for this show is," said Miranda. "It sounds improbable. And then once you start hearing about Hamilton's life story, it sort of makes sense". Alexander Hamilton’s life is a complicated one, to say the least.

From writing the Federalist Papers to founding the U.S. Coast Guard, and eventually meeting his demise at the hands of Vice President Aaron Burr. Hamilton covers numerous key points in American history.

By telling this story, the show has gone on to win 11 Tony Awards, a Grammy Award, and a 2016 Pulitzer Prize!

Lin-Manuel Miranda not only wrote and produced this fantastic work, but he also acted as Alexander Hamilton as a part of the original cast.

The cast of the production, despite playing as white historical figures, is primarily made up of African and Hispanic actors. "This is a story about America then, told by America now," says Lin-Manuel Miranda. The present cast of the show comprises talented actors such as Trey Curtis as Alexander Hamilton, Tamar Greene as George Washington, Stephanie Jae Park as Eliza Hamilton, and others.

“This show is way better in person, and it may be the best time you’ve had at the theater in a while,” says Curt Yeomans of the NY Post.

The KeyBank State Theatre will be the current entertainment venue for the show, while it is in Cleveland, Ohio and the show date on Tuesday 24th June 2025. This theatre has a gorgeous design that harks back to the greatest days of old, on Broadway. Complete with the best snacks and beverage choices and a friendly bunch of staff. So, what’s the hold-up? Purchase your seats today!

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Hamilton at KeyBank State Theatre

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